Having worked with several CrossFit Boxes, we understand the marketing challenge of portraying the premium quality that CrossFit delivers in the form of noticeable improvements to their members health, fitness and vitality (plus our Director Matt is a CrossFit Nut).

The Magic Monkeys team now works with several CrossFit Affiliates around Australia. Ultimately we work with the coaches to create a profitable return on paid social media promotions.

We create complete ‘Done for You’ lead generation funnels that deliver you bookings and new members. Everything from advanced ad targeting through to the final booking process is built for you.

We also support higher conversions through optimisation of websites, video production and overall lead strategy.


We’re happy to share our results in depth if you’d like to book a CrossFit Demo call with Matt in the form below.

Whilst we never promise anything, one of our clients has, in the past 4 months, spent $3,500 on Facebook Ads pouring traffic into our CrossFit Funnel. That might sound like a lot to blow on advertising¬† – and we’d agree if you couldn’t track the results.

But in our case we can always give an accurate ROI estimate based on memberships attributed to the ads. This particular CrossFit Affiliate has stacked on an additional 33 memberships from these ads. With an estimated lifetime value of $1500 per membership, this works out to a projected return of $49,500 in revenue.

Even including our management fee, this is an expected 661% percent return on their investment.




If you’re interested in working together, we’d love to prepare a free demonstration for your CrossFit Box. Simply choose a time slot below. Please note that we will not work with two CrossFit affiliates in direct competition (i.e. next door to each other). So please check your immediate neighbour is not in the list above!

( that’s our cheeky way of suggesting you book today before we do start working with your neighbour ;p )